The Root Chakra

Welcome to this week’s Mystical Monday post. The focus for today is on the root chakra, which is located at the base of the spine when thinking of it from the back of the body, or at the groin when thinking of it from the front.

It is associated with the color red, and with the element of earth.

A few crystals associated with the root chakra are red jasper and bloodstone. For those of you who enjoy working with crystals, you may wish to pick up one or both of these stones throughout the course of this series, to begin working with the chakra, before attempting to get it moving as we’ll be doing in the exercise at the very end of the next several weeks. Keep reading for a tip to use the crystal(s) to work with it at this stage. Below, I will give you some information about both the physical and spiritual associations for this chakra.


The skeletal structure and bones in general.

The coccygeal nerve plexus, which provides skin sensory ability to that region, and partially innervates the prostate, bladder, uterus, and fallopian tubes.

The adrenal glands which produce hormones which help regulate the immune system, stress response, metabolism, immune system and more.






This chakra can be thought of as the foundation, both physically and psychologically. It helps with the ability to keep going through adversity. A balanced root chakra is important to making decisions about how to not only survive but to thrive.

This covers the basics of important information about this chakra. As you go through the course of this week, please do spend some time visualizing this chakra as a still, red wheel (we will talk about it in motion later on) in the location described at the beginning of the post as this will make the exercise I’ll be providing at the end of this series a bit easier. If you’ve picked up one or both of the crystals listed above, holding this crystal while visualizing the chakra will start to do some healing on it right away. It’s important not to attempt opening this chakra wide before doing some groundwork, which is why I’m making the instructions so gradual, as you may experience a sudden awakening of your kundilini. This is a powerful energy believed to be coiled at the base of the spine from birth, sometimes referred to as the sleeping goddess. This awakening can be very intense (not dangerous), as the nickname sleeping goddess implies *wink*, when it happens suddenly or while unprepared, so it’s nice to go a little easy here.

Feel free to ask questions you may have about this chakra.

As always, I’m sending lots of love and light your way.



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