The Sacral Chakra

We are back with another Mystical Monday post. The focus for today is on the sacral chakra, which is located between the belly button and pelvic area.

It is associated with the color orange, and with the element of water.

There are two main crystals which serve the purpose of either opening or soothing this chakra. This is important because depending on whether this chakra is closed or overactive, it’s key to use the appropriate crystals. These two crystals are orange carnelian and moonstone. An interesting tidbit of information is that this chakra is associated with the moon, which may make the moonstone a bit more poignant for some of you, but either crystal above is perfect. I recommend picking up one or both of them before we get to the end of the series, and the exercise, in order to help get this chakra balanced before we get to that point. Below are some of the key points of the physical and spiritual/emotional functions of the sacral chakra.


Pelvic organs.

The kidneys and bladder.

Lower back.

Lower part of the digestive system.

The spleen which plays a key role in filtering the blood and with the immune system.


Creation and expression of our individuality.


Passion and nurturing.

Ability to receive and express love.

As you may have noted, several of the properites of the sacral chakra are very feminine in nature. This chakra plays a very important role psychologically. When it is in balance it assists us in being ourselves, including discovering who we are and being able to confidently express ourselves in a variety of ways. The sacral chakra holds the key to love, creativity, and sexuality.

Please spend time this week visualizing this chakra as a still, orange wheel in the location described at the beginning of the post, as this will make the exercise at the end of this series a bit easier. If you’ve picked up one or both of the crystals listed above (which I hope you will), holding this crystal while visualizing the chakra will start to do some healing on it before we even get to the final exercise. For all of the individual chakras we will cover in this series, please go gently and get to know them without trying to get them moving until we get to the final exercise. It is always important when working with your energy to go into it slowly and learn a bit before diving in head first.

Feel free to ask questions you may have about this chakra.

As always, I’m sending lots of love and light your way.

3 thoughts on “The Sacral Chakra

  1. Another post that I will keep coming back to for learning. A lot of information, but not too much that it is boring. I love this post and I have been loving my moonstone a lot lately. They are very important to me.

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