Importance of Self Care

Hello everyone! Instead of our usual Mystical Monday post, I’m dropping by with a quick note about how important it is to recognize when we need to tend to our own self care. That’s the type of week that it is for me. While I thought about skipping a post altogether, I thought this was a good opportunity to highlight this topic.

Without going into any personal details, I will just say that I am in need of extra self care on all levels right now. The fact that I am “allowing” myself to do this speaks volumes about my growth and progress. In blogs past, I’d often just push myself to make a post and not only did it not do me much good, the quality of the post suffered as well. I’m very fortunate in that I am in a position to be able to wipe my schedule clean to tend to my needs. This was the case in the past as well. I just didn’t do it. As most of us in the Western world, and likely many other areas of our globe, we are born into a culture of working ourselves into the ground…sucking it up…putting on a brave face…whatever.

I’m well aware that many do not have the luxury of simply being able to wipe their schedules clean. However, I would like to encourage everyone to fit in extra self care time whenever and however they can. It will look different to each of us. The important thing is that we take the time to discover what it looks like for us, and get creative with ways to take as much time as we possibly can to care for ourselves. After all, it’s pretty hard to draw water to quench another’s thirst from an empty well.

The chakra series will resume next Monday, unless I can manage to make it back here before the week is over and post it another day this week. I hope that all of you will be sure to tend to yourselves as well. Afford yourselves as much if not more kindness, compassion, and love as you would someone else.

Can you think of any ways which you could practice more self care? If so, make a list. If not, figure some out, and make a list. It matters!

As always, sending you lots of love and light.

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