Hello! After being on my own spiritual journey for over 3 decades, I felt compelled to create this space. One of the most important tasks during our time here on earth is to reconnect to our inner light. Life has a way of detouring us pretty quickly, and this happens in many ways. It can be the messages that we’re instilled with as children by our families, what we’re taught in school, relationships of all kinds which aren’t truly in line with who we are, and even the core messages in our professional lives which take us off course. Many of us find ourselves not recognizing who we are let alone knowing what makes us truly thrive as a result of all of those conflicting and (at times) damaging messages. That’s what I’m here for. To help you shine a light on it.

What you will find here are weekly articles on topics which help to reconnect to your inner light. I’ll be sharing information on many modalities of self healing. Some of the topics will be crystals, chakras, creating sacred space, different types of meditation, discussion of finding your way onto (or more firmly onto) your path, and other random stuff which pertains to growth and spirituality. The comment section will be open for questions, discussion, and even requests for topics you’d like to see covered. All I ask is that it’s kept respectful and civil. While the subject matter here is serious and important, the approach will be easy and often lighthearted.

Thank you for being here, and having me as part of your journey.

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