Chakra Series ~ Midway Review & Warm-up Exercise

Welcome to another Mystical Monday post. This week, since we are at the mid-point of learning about the chakra system, it’s a good time to go back and review what has been covered so far. In addition, if you are either just coming in or have not had time to collect some of the recommended stones and familiarize yourself with them, please do so. Below are links to the posts on the first three chakras covered, which contain information about their functions and crystal recommendations.

Week 1 The Root Chakra

Week 2 The Sacral Chakra

Week 3 The Solar Plexus Chakra

As you go through the next week, reviewing the material and working with the crystals, I’d also like for you to work on the little warm up exercise below, which will be a big help when the full exercise is given at the end of the series. For the next month, as we cover the remaining chakras, please continue to do this exercise at least a few times a week. You do not need to spend copious amounts of time on it, just enough to make it easy for yourself to perform.

The exercise involves working with visualization, which can be difficult for many, which is a big reason for taking this mid-point review break. It’s important to work on learning to visualize in order to perform the final exercise which will come out in about five weeks. This will give you a good bit of time to figure out not only how to do it, but which way(s) work best for you.

Imagine a bright, pure white light above your head. Once you have been able to see/sense/feel it, imagine the light coming down onto the top of your head. The way that you see the light coming onto your head is going to be whichever way seems to go easier or feel more natural to you. One way which has worked for me are to see it coming down almost like the light of the sun radiates down upon us.

The method I recommend most for the final exercise is the rain/waterfall method. Once you are seeing the light above your head, see if cascading down from that source as either rain or a gentle waterfall. If you can use the rain/waterfall method, please do, as it will really come in handy at the end of this series. I personally enjoy the rain/waterfall method because sometimes visualization can be difficult (even for those who’ve been doing it for a long time). You can practice this in the shower, using the water as a really good aid.

You may find other ways when you get started on this, and that is not only okay, it’s perfect…for you, and will be effective. Have fun with the exercise, and in spending time with your crystals. See you back here next week!

Feel free to ask questions you may have about any of the material or the exercise, or any other topics which you may like to see covered here at a later date.

As always, I’m sending lots of love and light your way.

The Root Chakra

Welcome to this week’s Mystical Monday post. The focus for today is on the root chakra, which is located at the base of the spine when thinking of it from the back of the body, or at the groin when thinking of it from the front.

It is associated with the color red, and with the element of earth.

A few crystals associated with the root chakra are red jasper and bloodstone. For those of you who enjoy working with crystals, you may wish to pick up one or both of these stones throughout the course of this series, to begin working with the chakra, before attempting to get it moving as we’ll be doing in the exercise at the very end of the next several weeks. Keep reading for a tip to use the crystal(s) to work with it at this stage. Below, I will give you some information about both the physical and spiritual associations for this chakra.


The skeletal structure and bones in general.

The coccygeal nerve plexus, which provides skin sensory ability to that region, and partially innervates the prostate, bladder, uterus, and fallopian tubes.

The adrenal glands which produce hormones which help regulate the immune system, stress response, metabolism, immune system and more.






This chakra can be thought of as the foundation, both physically and psychologically. It helps with the ability to keep going through adversity. A balanced root chakra is important to making decisions about how to not only survive but to thrive.

This covers the basics of important information about this chakra. As you go through the course of this week, please do spend some time visualizing this chakra as a still, red wheel (we will talk about it in motion later on) in the location described at the beginning of the post as this will make the exercise I’ll be providing at the end of this series a bit easier. If you’ve picked up one or both of the crystals listed above, holding this crystal while visualizing the chakra will start to do some healing on it right away. It’s important not to attempt opening this chakra wide before doing some groundwork, which is why I’m making the instructions so gradual, as you may experience a sudden awakening of your kundilini. This is a powerful energy believed to be coiled at the base of the spine from birth, sometimes referred to as the sleeping goddess. This awakening can be very intense (not dangerous), as the nickname sleeping goddess implies *wink*, when it happens suddenly or while unprepared, so it’s nice to go a little easy here.

Feel free to ask questions you may have about this chakra.

As always, I’m sending lots of love and light your way.



Chakra System

This is the first installment in what will be a weekly series of posts about the chakra system. As you can see in the image above, there are seven main chakras which are the superhighway of our energetic system. There are more than seven, but knowing about these is most important to attaining and maintaining a healthy flow of energy throughout our bodies. The other chakras are definitely interesting and worth exploring in working with advanced spiritual avenues, and there will likely be mention of these at some point in future posts. The focus for this series though, is to focus on achieving individual balance.

The knowledge of the chakra system has ancient roots, with the first written record of it found in India, and dating between 1500 and 500 BC in texts called the Vedas. One of the great things about this knowledge is that it is universal, and does not require a person to be of any particular creed. Then again, isn’t that the beauty of all universal wisdom?

Each chakra has an independent function, with its own role in our optimal state of being, and encompasses the body, mind, and spirit/soul. It is important to keep the chakras cleared and operating smoothly, and to note that they are interconnected as well. This means that when one is out of balance or blocked, that it has an effect on the entire system.

Not only are the chakras to be looked at as a channel, it is important to note that each one works as a wheel which spins in order to have essential energy flowing out into the parts of the body/mind/spirit that each is associated with. When the wheels are turning properly, this enables the energy to flow freely throughout the entire channel of chakras as a whole.

Our energetic body is crucial to our overall balance and function. As this series progresses, I’ll be talking about one chakra per week, and the final piece will contain an exercise which I created for myself many years ago to help attain some balance. It’s a simple exercise which I developed when I was admittedly a total newbie to this type of energy work. It is so effective though, that I continue to use it to this day to perform quick checks and tuneups on myself.

I could skip right to the exercise but I won’t, because it’s important to have a basic understanding of each chakra’s associations in the body. Not to worry, each section will be brief and not overly complicated. After all, the whole point of this series is to give you something simple and easy to help you get things flowing.

See you next week, and as always, I’m sending lots of love your way!

Lion’s Gate Portal

Beginning in the latter part of July, through around the 12th of August, the annual astrological event known as the Lion’s Gate Portal happens, with the peak being on August 8th. During this time we are better able to connect with spirituality; including our higher selves, empowerment, and higher states of enlightenment. Orion’s belt and the star Sirius are associated with the Lion’s gate, and the timing happens in the sign of Leo, enriching the energies further with the power of the lion and the sun. The ancient Egyptians, according to many theories, built the pyramids to be in alignment with Orion’s belt, and had a great affinity for Sirius. They associated the great star with the gods Osiris and Sopdet, to name a few. As you can see, this particular alignment has held significance for thousands of years.

To take advantage of the energies of this gateway is simple(ish). The simple part is to intentionally open yourself to accepting the energies coming in through this portal. Allow yourself some time spent in stillness while holding this intention. Now, for the reason that I added the (ish). Another important thing about the Lion’s Gate Portal is that it is a powerful time of releasing any and everything which no longer serves our highest good or encourages our growth. This can mean that things can fall away which will leave you feeling uncomfortable for a while. This is where trust comes in. Not to worry, nothing will happen which isn’t for your best, nor more than you can handle. Knowing that some things and relationships need to be released in order to move more into alignment with our higher selves can be difficult. Just keep in mind that this clearing makes space for that which makes your heart and soul sing and your entire being radiate joy as you begin to manifest bigger and better.

Wishing you all a wonderful period of enlightenment and spiritual enrichment. See you next week as promised to begin a weekly series of posts. Sending lots of love your way!